The Firm

HEAUME AVOCAT is an independent firm dedicated to immigration and business law. The firm offers all its clients tailored support, driven by a goal of agility, responsiveness, and efficiency.

In the area of immigration law, the firm assists individuals in their efforts to settle and secure their stay on French territory as well as groups, schools, or businesses, eager to support their foreign talents on issues as varied as:
• Professional immigration
• Student immigration
• Family immigration
• Obtaining visas and residency permits
• Denial of residency permits and obligations to leave French territory (OQTF)
• Obtaining French nationality
• Regularization requests
• Asylum procedures

In the field of business law, the firm primarily deals with the management and resolution of disputes and assists, in this context, both individuals and legal entities, especially in:
• The recovery of unpaid debts
• Breach of contractual obligations
• Shareholder disputes
• “Post-acquisition” disputes


The office welcomes you from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8 pm.


The firm accompanies you in finding concrete and prompt solutions to your issues


The firm puts its expertise at the disposal of its clients, whether it be upstream or downstream of any legal procedure


The firm represents its clients in front of all jurisdictions

Attorney Fatou TALL

Attorney Fatou TALL has been practicing as a lawyer registered with the Paris Bar since 2015 and holds a Master’s Degree in General Private Law (University Paris II – Panthéon Assas).

Attorney Fatou TALL worked in top-tier business law firms before founding HEAUME AVOCAT.
Dynamic and meticulous, she prides herself on supporting her clients while always listening to their concerns, whether in the field of business law or immigration law.
Thus, Attorney Fatou TALL assists them in both amicable and contentious proceedings, leveraging her solid professional experience.

Dedicated Support for All Foreigners
The HEAUME AVOCAT firm assists all foreigners, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, enabling them to achieve their goal of settling and staying in French territory.
Thus, a remote consultation service is established to assist foreigners wishing to prepare their visa application, whether they intend to come to study, work, or simply reside in France.
For foreigners already present in France, Attorney Fatou TALL welcomes them at her office located at 24, rue du Boccador in Paris (75008). Having guidance from an advisor specializing exclusively in immigration law ensures reliable and practical advice, helping to anticipate and resolve complex situations.

Assistance before the Prefecture and the Courts
The HEAUME AVOCAT firm supports its clients, both in advance of procedures to be carried out at the prefecture and before the courts, in the event of an unfavorable decision by administrative services.
Thus, the HEAUME AVOCAT firm advises its clients at every stage of their case, whether during its compilation, submission, processing, or subsequent to the decision made by the administration.
Attorney Fatou TALL therefore goes to the prefecture with her clients, especially during the submission of their files, and prepares them for this appointment.
Similarly, the HEAUME AVOCAT firm also has strong expertise in managing administrative disputes resulting from a refusal to grant a visa or a residency permit by the administration.
In this context, the firm assists its clients in preparing their appeals, particularly those intended to be filed before the Administrative Court.

Meticulous and Compassionate Support
Aware of the particularly significant and sensitive stakes related to the right to stay in France, the HEAUME AVOCAT firm assists its clients with a focus on responsiveness and efficiency at every moment of their procedures and processes.

The HEAUME AVOCAT firm thus offers numerous “emergency” appointments every week, ensuring that the firm’s clients are taken care of in the best possible conditions. In this vein, the firm also guarantees meticulous tracking of cases and takes care to promptly answer all of its clients’ questions.