The HEAUME AVOCAT firm assists all foreigners, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, enabling them to achieve their goal of settling and staying in French territory. Thus, a remote consultation service is established to assist foreigners wishing to prepare their visa application, whether they intend to come to study, work, or simply reside in France.

For foreigners already present in France, Attorney Fatou TALL welcomes them at her office located at 24, rue du Boccador in Paris (75008).


In the field of business law, the attorney operates both in advisory and litigation roles to defend, in particular, the interests of companies or individuals, such as executive managers.

Thus, in addition to advising and assisting companies during their creation and development, whether to carry out the formalities required for their creation or assist them in concluding strategic contracts, the attorney acts to preserve the defense of the interests of their clients in all disputes related to business law or corporate law, whether it’s about abusive termination of commercial relations, post-acquisition litigation, or conflicts between shareholders


The HEAUME AVOCAT firm assists its clients who are regularly present on French territory and need to renew their residency permit.
Indeed, in several scenarios (particularly for work or private and family life reasons), foreigners are issued an annual residency permit, thereby necessitating its frequent renewal.
The HEAUME AVOCAT firm supports its clients in anticipating the renewal of their residency permit and also advises them on potentially obtaining a multi-year residency permit, and even a 10-year resident card, if conditions allow.



The law firm HEAUME AVOCAT assists all foreigners, regardless of their nationality, in the event that their residence permit application is denied.

In such a situation, it is important to be proactive and to build a strong case with the aim of overturning the decision to deny the residence permit issued by the Prefect.

Indeed, depending on the specific circumstances, the deadlines for action may vary, and it is therefore necessary to promptly consult a specialized lawyer to assess the situation and the likelihood of a successful appeal through either an amicable appeal (before the Prefect) or a contentious appeal (before the Administrative Tribunal).



The HEAUME AVOCAT firm assists all foreigners, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, to help them achieve their plan of settling in France for higher education. Indeed, to avoid delays and difficulties in studying in France, it is advisable for students to plan ahead and especially to obtain a registration or pre-registration in a French higher education institution. This aspect is crucial but not enough, to allow them to obtain a visa and a residence permit that usually allows them to stay for a duration of one year in the territory.



The law firm HEAUME AVOCAT assists all foreigners, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, to enable them to realize their plan of settling in French territory, either to work as an employee or to establish their business in France.

The procedure, particularly related to work authorization, can be quite lengthy, and it is advisable to anticipate it in order to carry out the project within the envisaged timeframe.

In this context, the law firm HEAUME AVOCAT supports its clients in achieving their goals of pursuing a professional career in France.



The law firm HEAUME AVOCAT assists all foreigners, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, to enable them to realize their plan of settling in French territory, particularly due to personal and family ties maintained in France.

To this end, a remote consultation service is established to assist foreigners wishing to prepare their visa application.

Guidance by a consultant exclusively operating in the field of immigration law allows for obtaining reliable and practical advice.



The law firm HEAUME AVOCAT assists its clients who wish to obtain French nationality, whether it is to have their status as French recognized from birth (based on the right of blood and double right of soil) or to acquire this nationality.

There are various procedures with different implications for obtaining recognition as a French citizen.

Therefore, tailored assistance will, in many situations, expedite the process of obtaining French nationality.



The law firm HEAUME AVOCAT assists all undocumented foreigners, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, in order to help them submit a file for an exceptional residence permit.

It is important to emphasize that, by definition, a person staying in France without proper documentation is in an illegal situation.

Thus, they do not have a guaranteed right to obtain a residence permit, although they have the option to request, from the prefecture, the issuance of a residence permit given the specific context of their situation.



The law firm HEAUME AVOCAT assists all foreigners, especially those facing persecution in their home countries, who wish to be recognized as refugees in France.

The status of a refugee can be granted, primarily, by the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA).

It will be necessary, in particular, to demonstrate that the foreigner is under threat in their home country due to their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, political opinions, or their advocacy for freedom (depending on the basis of the application that will be considered).



The law firm HEAUME AVOCAT assists British nationals wishing to settle permanently in French territory.

Indeed, since the United Kingdom left the European Union, the right to stay in France for its nationals has been affected.

In this regard, the extent of these consequences varies depending on the date on which the national settled or will settle in France, with the key date being set at January 1, 2021.

For British citizens already residing in France before this date, their administrative situation regarding their right to stay is simplified.

Un soutien dédié à tous les étrangers

Le cabinet HEAUME AVOCAT accompagne tous les étrangers, quelle que soit leur nationalité et leur lieu de résidence, leur permettant ainsi d'atteindre leur objectif de s'installer et de séjourner sur le territoire français.

Ainsi, un service de consultation à distance est mis en place pour assister les étrangers souhaitant préparer leur demande de visa, que ce soit pour venir étudier, travailler, ou simplement résider en France.

Pour les étrangers déjà présents en France, l'avocate Fatou TALL les reçoit dans ses locaux situés au 24, rue du Boccador à Paris (75008). Bénéficier de l'accompagnement d'un conseiller spécialisé exclusivement dans le droit de l'immigration garantit des conseils fiables et pratiques, aidant à anticiper et résoudre des situations complexes.

Accompagnement devant la Préfecture et les Tribunaux

Le cabinet HEAUME AVOCAT soutient ses clients, que ce soit en amont des démarches devant être réalisées en préfecture ou devant les tribunaux, en cas de décision défavorable des services administratifs.

Ainsi, le cabinet HEAUME AVOCAT conseille ses clients à chaque étape de leur dossier, que ce soit lors de sa constitution, de son dépôt, de son instruction, ou après la décision rendue par l'administration.

Maître Fatou TALL se rend donc en préfecture avec ses clients, notamment lors des dépôts de leur dossier, et les prépare à ce rendez-vous. De même, le cabinet HEAUME AVOCAT dispose également d'une forte expertise dans la gestion des contentieux administratifs découlant d'un refus de délivrance de visa ou de titre de séjour par l'administration. Dans ce cadre, le cabinet assiste ses clients dans la préparation de leurs recours ayant notamment vocation à être déposés devant le Tribunal administratif.

Un accompagnement rigoureux et bienveillant

Consciente des enjeux particulièrement forts et sensibles relatifs au droit au séjour en France, le cabinet HEAUME AVOCAT accompagne ses clients dans un souci de réactivité et d'efficacité, à chaque instant de leurs démarches et procédures.

Le cabinet HEAUME AVOCAT propose ainsi chaque semaine de nombreux rendez-vous d'« urgence », de manière à pouvoir prendre en charge dans les meilleurs conditions possibles les clients du cabinet.

Dans cette veine, le cabinet garantit également un suivi minutieux des dossiers et prend le soin de répondre rapidement à toutes les interrogations de ses clients.